Starfish is a community focused support agency that empowers young people and their whanau to maximise their potential. We work with young people and their families to help develop important life skills and resilience so that their future becomes positive.

We offer support and counselling for a wide range of primary mental health care needs, including emotional management, alcohol and substance abuse, and social or family difficulties.

Starfish strives to provide a solution to help reduce the barriers that young people face trying to access the help they need, and to reduce the stigma around mental wellbeing and addictions. Our referral process is simple – contact Starfish directly either by text or email.

Another important component of the philosophical base of Starfish is the significance placed on education for youth, especially those at risk of negative life outcomes.  It is this belief in the importance of education, and the overwhelming negative social outcomes that occur when disconnected from it, that Starfish is striving to support.