August 4, 2015

We offer support and counselling for a wide range of primary mental health care needs, including emotional management, alcohol and substance abuse, and social or family difficulties.

We believe in self-determination at Starfish, and think it is important that you are in control of your own wellbeing. We will work with you so you can decide what interventions will work best for you, at your pace, and at your place – if that is where you feel safest.

We have a strengths based approach to wellbeing, which means that we look at what is working well for you, what you’re good at, and build on those strengths. We believe that being supported by a network of people who care about you is important to your wellbeing, and your recovery process. We like to utilize a peer support network that can help you feel supported and achieve your goals.

Our referral process is really easy, by text or e-mail (either yourself or a family member) and we will contact you directly.

We can offer help for
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional issues
  • Alcohol and substance abuse & gambling issues
We offer a service that is
  • Youth and whanau focused
  • Youth friendly space that is safe and private
  • Easy to access – you can self-refer by contacting us directly
  • Private, confidential and non-judgmental